About Me

Profil Picture of Clement Donzel. Black and White portrait

Born in the early 80s. Passionate about EUROPE, and its original intent of promoting peace, values, culture, diversity and driving innovation to make our continent a better place to live in. I love to GEEK on my spare time. Digital MARKETING is my area of expertise, and what an exciting time to be in that field!

Experiences? I have been lucky enough to work for leading international brands including IBM, Dassault Systemes, PTC and now Microsoft. I love to work across multi-cultural teams and had a chance to live and build connections and friendship during my stay in America (2 years), Asia (3 years) & Europe (current).

What drives me? Family & friends. Work in a stimulating environment, led by innovation, passion and trust. How the digital is transforming pretty much everthing we do and how we interact with each other.

Philosophy? Work hard, play hard. #AlwaysLearning. #WorkLifeBalance as a father of two.

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